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Current Positions

Entry Level Diesel Technician
Syracuse, New YorkFull-time
Experienced Truck Technician
Syracuse, New YorkFull-time

About May's Fleet Sales and Service

Join our family at May’s Fleet Sales and Service! We believe our employees are our greatest asset. As such, we treat all employees with respect and appreciation for their contributions to the company. We believe not only in providing ongoing training, but also rewarding outstanding effort and results through bonus and commission programs. We have a strong and committed staff with many years of experience satisfying our customers' needs. Happy employees make happy customers, and we reward individuals who are ready to work hard and stay motivated. Every employee at May’s Fleet Sales and Service is absolutely critical to its success. May’s Fleet Sales and Service is proud to have serviced vehicles and equipment for our customers for more than twenty five years. We are honored by their trust in us to keep their vehicles on the road and operating as smoothly and efficiently as possible. Our friendly, knowledgeable staff all have the same goal; to create a long-term working relationship with a positive and cost-effective experience at each visit. In early 2020, May’s Fleet Sales and Service was acquired by Syracuse Truck and Equipment when the founder, Gary May, decided to retire to spend more time with his family. Syracuse Truck’s roots go back more than twenty years and began in the heavy construction equipment industry. As the service demands for medium and heavy duty trucks grew, construction equipment became less and less a part of the business. That continued growth in demand lead Syracuse Truck to look for a new location to accommodate the growing service business. May’s was a natural fit. With similar philosophies of providing great customer service and a friendly, helpful atmosphere, a new chapter began. Syracuse Truck continues to operate under the May’s Fleet Sales and Service name with the same great staff and serving the same great customers.

Our Values

Our Mission:

At Syracuse Truck and Equipment, dba May’s Fleet Sales and Service:
  • We strive to be the first choice for their customers by providing superior products and services; 
  • To be the first choice for their employees by offering safe and rewarding employment; 
  • And to be the first choice for our vendors by offering loyalty and support.

Core Values

We treat customers, vendors and employees with rigorous honesty.

We are committed to the success and well-being of our customers, employees and community.

Our company, and all our employees are committed to taking full responsibility for their performance.

We strive to be dependable to our customers, vendors and employees.

Service to others:
We believe real satisfaction and fulfillment comes from serving others, whether they are customers, employees or our community.

Why join us?

Hiring great people is hard.  They usually have a lot of options.  We understand that.  And we understand that great people don't live just to work.  You have families and friends, hobbies and interests.  You have lives outside of work.  We know that because we do to!  

Our goal is to create a workplace environment where you can have some balance between work and home.  A workplace where you can go home at the end of the day feeling good about what you've accomplished.  A workplace where you feel like a valued member of the team.

Our values and our mission are more than just slogans.  They are things we believe in.  They are the measure for our success.  They are our commitment, to you and to ourselves.